Customized Collapsible Storage Box

Customized Collapsible Storage Box Greenside Space Saving Office Folding Storage Bins Car Camping Foldable Storage Box with Wooden Cover Transparent folding and sorting box, multiple specifications for folding and storage, folding and storage do not occupy a beautiful and tidy place. This foldable storage box is designed with the concept of transparency and folding, high-quality PP material, and bright colors to adapt to various family environments. 聽 Product Specification Specifications Model Number5001 Product namePlastic storage box MaterialPP LogoCustomized Logo Acceptable Size53X36X27.5CM Capacity55L Weight2.1KG 聽 Product Features 1. Transparent materials are stored more clearly by category. 2. It can be stacked to save space. 3. The thickened material is solid and durable with strong bearing capacity. 4. Support color and logo customization. 聽 Certificate Description We are one of the best suppliers of plastic folding products. We were founded in 2005 and have specialized in producing foldable plastics with the best experience, best service and best price. As a manufacturer, we have our own independent design, mold engineer, quality control and best machine to provide customers with the best quality products. At the same time, we have many domestic and foreign patent certifications. 聽 Cooperative Customers 聽 Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation 1. Payment: All payments can be negotiated, usually by telegraphic transfer or letter of credit. 2. Packaging: According to the customer’s needs, the corresponding packaging will be customized, and the product will be confirmed by quality inspection twice before packaging. If there is no product problem, the packaging will be carried out according to the regulations. 3. Delivery: After receiving the payment, we will provide the estimated delivery period according to the order quantity, and we will send the packaged goods to the corresponding port within the specified time. 4. Service: 24-hour online service. 聽 FAQ 1. What is your product type? We are mainly developing mold and plastic fields. We mainly produce new folding portable products such as folding plastic basin, folding laundry basket, folding kitchen appliances etc. 聽 2. Can we take some samples? Yes, each product is limited to 3 samples. 聽 3. How do we get the quotation? Please contact us to provide the specifications required for the corresponding products: such as material, design change, size requirements, shape, color requirements, quantity, packaging requirements, etc. 聽 4. Can you provide new design products as required? Yes, we have perfect equipment and team to meet the customization needs of OEM and ODM from design and development to production. 聽 5. What are the advantages from production to transportation? Our production personnel will stay on the production line for inspection. All products must be inspected before delivery. We will conduct online inspection and final secondary inspection. 1. All products will be inspected once after production. 2. Details of all parts, marks and all products to be checked during packaging. 3. Check the details of all customized packages during packaging. 4. After completion, the product quality and packaging shall be checked after dropping the box. 5. Carry out transportation after ensuring that there is no product quality packaging problem. 聽Customized Collapsible Storage Box website:

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