Exploring the Possibilities of the Hemp Pre-Rolls

Exploring the possibilities of the hemp pre-rolls could have a wide meaning even beyond the traditional hemp pre-rolls.  The advantage of the hemp pre-roll is its convenience for the person on the go. The other advantage is you do not have to learn to roll yourself because it is already done for you. But here is another consideration. If you become proficient in rolling your own hemp rolls, you can chose whatever hemp flower strain you desire, make a collection of your own hemp pre-rolls.



  • Finding the Hemp Flower Strain You Want in a Per-Roll
  • Perfecting the Art of the Roll to Make Your Own
  • Which Hemp Flower for Which Occasion
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Exploring the Possibilities of the Hemp Pre-Roll — Finding the Hemp Flower Strain You Want in a Per-Roll

The inhaling of CBD buds by way of a hemp pre-roll or a hemp cigarette of other origin has long been considered the best bioavailability because it is referred to as pulmonary administration. When you come home from a hard day or a long week at work, you can sit with CBD hemp pre-rolls ‘n more smoke of CBD bud to relax without a negative over-sedation or a mental high that the THC in marijuana gives. 

Exploring the possibilities of the hemp pre-roll  include looking at these two different flavors – Hawaiian Haze or Lifter.

This is a way to smoke the hemp flower in an all-natural way for those who are not keen about the traditional tobacco flower wraps. They are four flavors to choose from:

  • Original Green CBD
  • Maui-Mango
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Grape Ape

Here is a list of the best smokable hemp flower.

  • Magic Bullet — Pure fire – Dank, pungent, Evening strain
  • Remedy — California Sun grown – Citrus & pine, Evening strain
  • Lifter Premium – Pre-Rolls – Lemony Sweet funk, earthy tropical fruits
  • Hawaiian Haze — Pre-Rolls – Pineapple, Citrus, Fruity;
  • Cherry Ultra — Premium Indoor Strain – Sweet;
  • CBG Infused Special Sauce – Earthy, sweet, woody floral.

Exploring the Possibilities of the Hemp Pre-Roll — Perfecting the Art of the Roll to Make Your Own

Directions for Rolling CBD Hemp Flower

After you have chosen the type of paper you are going to use, here are the steps to “roll, tide, roll”. 

  1. Take a rolling paper holding it lengthwise with the sticky strip facing up and toward you. 
  2. Place the filter on one side of the paper you are rolling with.
  3. Slowly pour the ground flower along the crease on the opposite side from the filter.
  4. Pour enough ground flower to cover half the paper plus a little. Leave enough room at the end to give it a nice tight twist to close the joint.
  5. Start tucking the paper around the flower starting at the filter and on to the length of the hemp paper wrap.
  6. To seal the wrap, tuck the side of the paper closest to you tightly around the flower, lick the sticky strip and roll it upward to seal. Give the end another tight twist.

Exploring the possibilities of the hemp pre-roll requires patience as it will take time to get the feel of it. A couple things to watch for are do not roll too tight or it will be difficult to get a good pull. The second thing to watch for is if you wrap too loosely, it will burn too fast. 

Exploring the Possibilities of the Hemp Pre-Roll — Which Hemp Flower for Which Occasion

CBD hemp flower flavors and savors do include medicinal properties as well. For Humulene it reduces inflammation, pain and it fights bacterial infection. These hemp flowers are the ones you want to look at:

  • White Widow CBG, 
  • Girl Scout Cookies, 
  • Sour Diesel.

The Bubba Kush CBD hemp plants are hybrid but dominant Indica — Bubba Kush has a smell range prevalence between the OG Kush and the Purple Hindu Kush.  Bubba Kush is a regularly used smokeable flower for some time with aromas of sweet sugar cake but always relaxing and calming. 

CB Dawg CBD hemp plant is a popular 50/50 hybrid strain with more than 15% CBD.  The blend of sativa and indica terpenes deliver a CBD experience close to perfect relaxation and subtle stimulation. 

Cherry Blossom CBD hemp plant is a 70/30 blend of Indica dominant hybrid. Exploring the possibilities of the hemp pre-roll includes the Cherry Blossom hemp strain as a slow acting taking effect over a period of several minutes but gives relaxation and calm.

Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

Elektra is the strong hold of all high CBD flower is for sale strains you’ll find.  It offers a rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma lifting it to rise up higher. It has a high number of terpenes which contribute to the savors as well as to the health benefits. It assists asthma suffers; the young and older with ADD/ADHD as well as relief for the PTSD symptoms and inflammation.  Elektra should always be at the top of your list at a sativa-dominant cross with a steady 16% to 22% CBD content. It is energizing and gives focus.


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