Plastic in Nature, a Nuisance-By Environment Advocate, Kushal Dev Rathi

Plastic pollution encompasses both obvious sources, such as bottles and bags, as well as less visible ones, such as tea bags and clothing. Plastic has been used by humans for over a century (and manufactured).

Everyday behaviors have a direct impact on the environment, which demands a reassessment. Plastic already accounts for 150 million metric tonnes of our seas, with an additional 8 million metric tonnes added each year. From the Arctic to the depths of the ocean, there is plastic everywhere. There are virtually no limits to where plastic pollution can be found in the water.

Moreover, the enormous amount of plastic has an impact on marine life as well. Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them. Animals such as sea birds, whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals are often found dead with plastic in their stomachs or entangled in abandoned fishing nets. The wildlife on the land now must contend with plastic waste to survive.

There are many ways to make a difference in the environment by reducing plastic waste in our everyday lives. Here are three other ways we can reduce plastic waste: Kushal Dev Rathi

  • Cut back on single-use plastics. Even though using plastic bags, bottles, and other items just once and then throwing them away could be convenient in the short term, using canvas bags or reusable bottles may reduce plastic pollution. Additionally, you can cut down on plastic waste by using glass or metal jars for storage, packed lunches, soaps, and beauty products.
  • Use reusable containers. Use metallic utensils rather than plastic ones for lunch. Consider purchasing reusable forks, spoons, and knives that you can use regularly.
  • Don’t waste and resume. Many items from plastic bottles to paper to batteries, can be recycled. Learn how to recycle these items and reduce waste.

So, evaluate before it’s too late and take appropriate action. Let us safeguard our environment by taking action right now.


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