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If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful window management app for your Mac, Rectangle is the best option. It features customizable hotkeys and a Windows-like snap assist function, which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to simplify their workflow without losing speed.

The rectangle is open-source and available for free, and it also syncs your settings to iCloud. The free trial version gives you ten days of usage, so it’s a great way to test the product before purchasing.

Rectangle Macos offers a quick and straightforward solution to managing windows on the Mac. 

This application lets you drag and snap windows together, resize them, and create snap areas. It also syncs its settings with iCloud to keep your layouts consistent.In addition to this, it supports mouse pad gestures. It also has an extensive list of hotkeys for moving and resizing windows. It’s an excellent tool for those who want to maximize space on the screen while keeping a single window open at any time.

To get started, install Rectangle and give it permission in System Preferences. Then, go to the app’s configuration window to customize its shortcuts. You can configure each shortcut to match your workflow, with repeats or cycling through sizes and positions.

Once you’ve set up Rectangle, managing your windows is easier than ever. Just drag an open window to an edge or corner, and Rectangle will snap it in place. It’s an excellent alternative to using the menu bar to crack windows, as it’s easier to remember shortcuts and is quicker than a title bar button.

You can even use the tool to create windows that take up a particular portion of the screen and those that are half-sized. 

You can also set the width and height of a window, which helps maximize space when viewing a large file or opening an app in full-screen mode.The app also lets you create and view a list of all your Mac windows. You can then use this information to resize, move, or create windows in other ways.

One of the most helpful features is its ability to resize windows as you switch between apps and screens automatically. This can help reduce clutter and optimize your workspace.Another essential feature is the ability to snap windows together as you move your cursor. It’s beneficial if you have many windows or are working on a long document.

You can also adjust the size of windows as you work. To do this, select an existing window or create a new one. You can also resize it to the exact dimensions of other windows on your screen, saving you the trouble of creating a custom size.

The iCloud syncing feature of Rectangle makes it easy to resize and manage your windows on any computer running the application. It’s also free to download and works with the latest macOS version.

It’s not the most comprehensive tool for managing windows on your Mac, but it’s a simple way to get around window management issues. You can download the Mac app for free from the App Store or the developer’s website and try it out for a day to see if you like it.



Rectangle Macos is an application that lets you arrange windows in various ways. Its features include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for changing the size and height of windows.
  • Snapping windows together as you move your cursor.
  • Syncing settings with iCloud.

The app is available as a free download from the Apple Store. You can also purchase a pro version from the developer’s website.

This app is an advanced window manager for macOS that works similarly to the Windows mouse. It mimics a Windows-style trackpad to let you move and resize windows as you would with a standard mouse. It also includes a feature called Snap that enables you to place windows under your cursor, even when they’re not in focus.

It also supports mouse pad gestures, so you can click on the sides of your screen to resize and move windows. The application is written in Swift and supports iCloud sync to maintain your settings easily.

Another feature of this application is a tool that helps you manage your disk space by showing which files and folders take up the most space. 

It uses a tree map to show you the contents of your files and folders, making it easier to see which ones consume the most space on your drive.There are many other tools for this purpose, but Rectangle is more convenient and intuitive. Its interface is easy to learn, and its features make it an indispensable tool for those who need to manage multiple windows.

The app’s primary features are its ability to move and resize windows using keyboard shortcuts, snap windows together as you move your cursor, sync with iCloud, and support mouse pad gestures. It also allows you to create custom hotkeys, which can map to any window.

A free version of Rectangle is available from the Apple App Store. However, it does not offer the same features as its paid counterpart, Rectangle Pro. The app has additional functionality, including support for syncing configurations between different devices and a valid license on up to three Macs simultaneously.

Those who want a better feel for the app’s functionality can download a trial version from the developer’s website. 

This will allow you to try the features for ten days before purchasing a license.The free version of the app comes as a DMG file, which you can find in the Applications folder. Once downloaded, you can launch the application by double-clicking on it. You can also uninstall it from the Mac using the app’s instructions or the standard method.

The free app version is an excellent choice for those who need to manage multiple windows. Its interface is easy to learn, its functionality is impressive, and it works with any Mac OS.



If you’re looking for a way to organize your MacOS desktop, Rectangle is an app that can help. It works with iCloud to keep your preferences synced across multiple devices and lets you move windows around using keyboard shortcuts.

The app is free and features a free trial that lasts ten days. However, you can purchase a premium app version to get more functionality. The application is available for both Apple and Intel devices and supports mouse pad gestures.

When you first launch Rectangle, you’ll see a list of commands that will send windows to different locations on your screen. These commands are intended to make moving and resizing your windows easier and also customizable.

After clicking a command, a dark box shows the area on your screen that will use to snap the window in place. It’s a cool feature that saves you a lot of time.Most good window managers allow you to customize the snapping actions of your windows. The default action for a window in MacOS is “snap right” or “snap left,” but there are some other options available to you that can speed up your work.

For example, if you want to snap a window into your screen’s top or bottom edge, drag it to that location. This will take up the entire screen rather than the default half of the screen.You can also resize the window by dragging it to the opposite edge of your screen. This is useful if you’re trying to minimize the size of a particular application or maximize its height.

The default window-snapping options are cumbersome, but Rectangle makes things much more user-friendly. It allows you to customize the snapping behavior of your windows and create custom hotkeys. It’s free and supports iCloud to sync your settings between all your devices automatically.

You’ll need to download the app from GitHub and mount the DMG file to install it. You can then drag and drop it into the Applications folder or install it through Homebrew using the brew cask install rectangle.

Once the app is installed, you must give it permission in System Preferences. The app will not function properly if it doesn’t have those permissions.

You’ll also need to allow input monitoring or accessibility permissions in macOS security and privacy settings if you want the app to perform its snapping functions. Once this is done, you can use the Rectangle configuration window to customize each shortcut exactly how you want it.

The rectangle is an open-source app that can be downloaded from GitHub and used on both Intel and Apple Silicon devices. It’s based on Spectacle, an older and now-defunct Windows manager that still needs to be maintained.

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