What are the very basic things which people need to know about apostille degree certificates?

Meaning of Apostille

Apostille makes a simple certificate into a legal certificate. The certificate becomes valid and can be sent from one country to another. The certificate/document can be birth, death, PPC, single status, marriage certificate, or any other certificate/document. India became a part of the Hague Nation in the year 2008 and from then the + After this, all the Hague Nations accept the Apostille Certificate sent from India. The process was simplified with the introduction of Apostille. 

What is Apostille Degree Certificate in simple language?

Apostille Degree Certificate means getting a degree certificate checked and stamped by the government authorities. A stamp is received from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) that tells the details written on the document/certificate is true and genuine. Apostille Degree Certificate verifies the information about a person’s academic marks, course, and the year of the degree and lets the other country know that this certificate/document is not fake and all the details are correct. 

Documents a person requires for an apostille degree certificate?

A person requires some documents to get the apostille degree certificate. The documents should be in good condition. Make sure to carry original documents also. Below is the list given about the documents:

  • Degree Certificate (Original)
  • Marksheets of all the years (Photocopy)
  • Identity Proof: Passport Photocopy (Front and last page of the Passport) or a Driving License photocopy. 

Why does an individual need an attested degree?

A degree certificate attestation is required for many cases. An attested degree is acceptable in most foreign countries. As it is assumed that all the details that are given in the document are 100% real. Check if you come under any of them and do you require an attested degree:

  1. Are you the one thinking to go abroad for higher studies and applying for a “Student Visa”?
  2. Do you want to go for work in a foreign country and planning to apply for a “Work Visa”?
  3. Have to apply for a “Business Visa” and go abroad for business purposes.
  4. Planning to move to some other foreign country and want to apply for a “Permanent Resident Visa”.

For how much time the apostille degree certificate is valid?

There is a certain time limit for every government-issued document. In the same way, the apostille degree certificate also has a time-bound. The apostille degree certificate is generally valid for 6 months. However, it also depends on the country where the document is to be sent. As many countries accept the apostille degree certificate that is more than 6 months old or even more than a year. 

What are the details written on the Apostille Degree Certificate?

All the important information regarding a document is written on the apostille degree certificate. Lets’ have a look:

  1. Certificate No: A special number is written
  2. Certificate issued Date: 11/11/1111(date and time) 
  3. Account Reference: AN ALPHA CODE FOR REFERENCE
  4. Unique Doc. Reference: ALPHANUMERIC CODE
  5. Purchased by: APPLICANT NAME
  6. Description of Document: ARTICLE 4 AFFIDAVIT
  7. Description: AFFIDAVIT
  8. Consideration Price (Rs.): ZERO
  9. First Party: NAME OF PERSON
  10. Second Party: N/A
  11. Stamp Duty Paid By: NAME OF PERSON
  12. Stamp Duty Amount (Rs.): AMOUNT

All these details are written on the apostille degree certificate. Click on the link to see the picture of the document.

What is the actual cost that a person has to pay for an apostille degree certificate?

An individual has to pay some fees to get the apostille degree certificate. The fees depend on some of the factors like:

  1. Number of documents
  2. Type of documents
  3. The country for which the documents are to be attested/apostilled.

So, find a genuine apostille service, who will guide you about the complete procedure, and cost, and is reliable. 

How much time does it take to get the attested degree/apostille degree certificate?

There is no fixed time period for the documents to get attested. There are many government authorities that are part of this complete procedure so it is little time-consuming work. It depends on the apostille service that is doing work for you. 

In addition to this, if there are many documents in the queue then the time period may increase. Additionally, it also depends on the university from where the document is issued. Generally, it takes 10-15 working days for the documents to get an apostille. The time may also increase if any uncertainty happens.

Is the apostille process for a degree certificate easy?

The apostille procedure for the degree certificate is easy. Before 2012 any person can visit the Ministry of External Affairs and get the document attested. But this leads to a lot of rush and an increase in documents. To ease the process, now only the apostille service provider can get the document attested from the Ministry of External affairs. A short overview of the process is given below:

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Attestation/ Human Resource Development (HRD) Attestation.
  3. Ministry of External Affairs

If the country is not a part of the Hague Nations then what are the extra steps required?

When a person is applying for an apostille service for a country that is not a member of Hague Nation then, there are two more steps that are added for the apostille degree certificate. So, make sure to check whether the country for which you are applying is a part of the Hague nations or not. Otherwise, you may miss these added steps. The additional steps are:

  • State Attestation
  • Embassy Attestation 

How to choose apostille service for an apostille degree certificate?

A person should choose the apostille service that gives them authentic information about the apostille. The documents are original, so select a reliable service provider. Do not choose money over documents as if the documents are misplaced then there will be a lot of problems and waste of time. So, find the best apostille service and get your work done in a shorter time. 

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